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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

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  2. dreamshadow

    dreamshadow's reviews

    yeeesss 1. rogueslytherin 2. OPEN
  3. Rumpelstiltskin

    Delete/Edit/Move my Topic/Post

    Hi, could y'all please delete/deactivate my account on here whenever someone has a moment? Thank you!
  4. something wicked

    request a new username color

  5. inmyownlittlecorner

    RonsGirlFriday's reviews

    I think you might have one more spot open? If not, ignore me Story and Author Name, including link: Something Rich and Strange by inmyownlittlecorner Warnings and Advisories: Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs, Violence Genre: Action/Adventure, AU, Crime/Mystery, Dark, Fairy Tale/Fable, Humor, Romance Length: Chapter 1 is 5285 words Ships: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape Summary: Areas of Concern: Your thoughts Review Count: 2/5
  6. Ineke


    it's a mix of: In The Heights - 96.000 & Floor Jansen ft. Henk Poort - Dangerous Game (Jekyll & Hyde cover)
  7. Earlier
  8. Ineke

    Archive Tag Requests

  9. prideofprewett

    prideofprewett reviews

    R E V I E W S L O T S: 1. @inmyownlittlecorner 2. OPEN
  10. prideofprewett

    Review Tag

    @RonsGirlFriday, well if you insist on writing an adorable one shot then I suppose I have no choice but to engage in another round of this.
  11. inmyownlittlecorner

    inmyownlittlecorner's reviews

    ALWAYS! 1. RogueSlytherin 2. @RonsGirlFriday SLOTS CLOSED
  12. abhorsen plague doctor.

    Username Change Request/Masterlist

  13. Elena

    feedback on joining multiple houses

    I'm kinda old school, so it might just be my way of thinking. The houses allow for like minded people to hang out and to create close knit communities. The main forum is for common mingling. Why bother having "groups" at all, if you want to allow anyone to join houses? You may as well open up all "groups" so everyone can see the content and you can pop in and out of whatever conversation you feel like joining. At some point people drift in and out of the fandom. Then disappear into Facebook land where there are an abundance of groups and then Discord. Even our old home sit
  14. RogueSlytherin

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    Chiara Your reviews were so motivating to read the other day (when I finally got around to responding to them ) and I was wondering if you'd maybe want to keep reading this dark and twisty tale? Story and Author Name, including link: Chapter 6 of A Madness Most Discreet ; RogueSlytherin Warnings and Advisories: Cheating, Discrimination, Dying/Grieving, War Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama, Romance Ships: Regulus/OC, Remus/OC Summary: Areas of Concern: I know you are a marauder's fan and especially a Remus lover so I'm really curious your thoughts on how I've written these character
  15. RonsGirlFriday

    victoria_anne's reviews

    Hi Biancaaaa! Are you up for another chapter? Story and Author Name, including link: Irrational (chapter 20) by RonsGirlFriday Warnings and Advisories: T, none Genre: Romance, drama, humor Length: Chapter 20 is 5259 words Ships: Percy/Audrey Areas of Concern: Your thoughts! Current Review Request Count: 3/5
  16. RonsGirlFriday

    The Portmantreaupe Challenge | 31 July 2021

    I am very familiar with Dead Poets Society. Fuck me up. Participants (takers/maybes/I see you lurking):
  17. starlitcastles

    Original Fiction May/June 2021 Goals

    Okay first and foremost let me just say: WHOO WHOO HOO! Just because I haven't been able to partake in the last Original Fiction goals thread and yet love how this one is not aimed towards a specific season this time around so that's slightly refreshing! Plus it gives this thread a new spin, take, or however you want to phrase that. Honestly so glad that you made the thread for last and now this month--wow, can't believe it's already June! Where has the time gone by?! As for me, I'm working on sorting between writing projects be it original fiction and fanfiction and am trying to work
  18. Alwynse

    Holding Out for an Anti-Hero Challenge | August 09

    Okay.... I'm not 100% positive I can pull this off tbh. Peeves doesn't strike me as one who would have an existential crisis. BUT I've already mulled over this idea a good bit and I now want to write this regardless. So, if it's okay with you, I'm going to write it, try to get it done by the deadline, and try to shoot for something that resembles an existential crisis. When you read it, if it meets the mark -- great!. If not, it's okay, just tell me, no hard feelings . I think it's going to be a fun write regardless, and I'll take pride and pleasure in that fact alone.
  19. Felpata_Lupin

    Challenge Hall of Fame

    It's been a long time, so here I am with my Beatles challenge result! Like Courtney above, it was very hard to judge because all entries were vastly different in tone and style from each other but all very high quality and with very clever interpretations of the assigned song... so I went with my personal taste/feeling and what I thought captured the songs' essence better. So, without further ado... Challenge Name: The Beatlemania Challenge Challenge Creator: Felpata_Lupin Short Challenge Description: write a fic inspired by a Beatles' song Fandom(s) Included:
  20. Guest

    Ask a Staffer

    Please delete my forum (but not my archive) account. I would have done this myself, but I cannot find how to do it in my profile.
  21. June Story of the Month Voting Voting will close on May 26 at 11:59 pm GMT. Nominees:
  22. dreamshadow

    Archive Issues/Bugs

    Hi there! I’ve noticed a couple of times now that some reviews I’ve received have been either double or triple posted — which is nbd, but just thought I’d let you know in case it’s a bug or something
  23. shadowycorner

    Story Playlist Requests

    @Crimson Quill invisible string by taylor swift may i have this dance by francis and the lights (I am OBSESSED with this one ) and joy by katie melua (it made me think of hard times changing into healing, and the lyrics could be like, Lavender feeling that way about Oliver, but in my head it would be more like Lavender feeling that way about herself, too, because sometimes we have to be the first person to save ourselves? i dunno, just me and my thoughts here )
  24. dreamshadow

    magemadi's Reviews

    Helloooo, Madi! Hope you don't mind me sneaking in here story and author name, including link: twists of fate by dreamshadow warnings and advisories: sexual content, substance abuse, dying/grieving genre: angst, dark, drama, fluff, romance, smut length: 8,248 (yikes) ships: murphy/emma summary: areas of concern: just your thoughts! current review request count: 1/5
  25. Title: I Wish I Was Brave Author: @CambAngst Link: here~ Warnings: All audiences / NA Reason for Nomination: Because it's such a darn tootin cute story! And how hard is it to a) write children; b) write children well and not over do it or under do it; c) write children well while keeping in line with canon characterizations? The author embellishes core features of Ron's personal character development and arch from the books and fills in details that we never got in the books. This story features Ron's insecurities towards his older brothers and how he fits in. I suppose in
  26. ahahaha I was hoping I'd trick y'all
  27. RonsGirlFriday

    Unreviewed Stories

    Trope-y bisexual Pansy Parkinson Bygones by Jo Raskoph (PS -- I've done an inventory of all stories previously linked above -- all have received some love so far except for EULA by kittenknife and Serpentine by melusina.)
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