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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!


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  • ice fairy abhorsen.

    january 2021 bulletin

    By ice fairy abhorsen.

    y'all, let's speak plainly: the last year has been fucking hard, and we know that a lot of our members are really struggling in a lot of ways. we've heard from many members that the overall empathy and support this community gives to each other has been a bright spot for a lot of people in this very difficult time, which we're very happy to hear. thanks for being part of it; we appreciate all of you, and we'll continue to work to improve our community to make sure that that's reflected in everyo

New Year's Writer Resolutions

New Year's Writer Resolutions *originally published in the January 2019 edition of Hear Ye, Hufflepuff* Welcome to 2021, writers! A new year is a great time to focus on new writing goals (just like any other goals you might have in other areas of your life), so here are a few ideas you might embrace to improve or expand your writing in the new year: Write something you've never written before. Be it a new character, genre, theme, etc.! Enter a challenge. There are so


Renacerá in Miscellaneous

Quarantine Media Consumption

Hello, my dears! This is going to be a short entry, but I'd love to start conversations with anyone who's seen the shows I've watched in quarantine!   I don't know if they have enough interest to justify an entire thread in Other Fandoms, so I thought I'd just put them here and await your replies! To preface: I didn't watch much anime growing up (mostly just Sailor Moon since it was on Cartoon Network—and I 100% acknowledge that Amara and Michelle greatly influenced my sexual awakening), so


Renacerá in ?

Our Creative Challenges for 2021 | January 10th, 2021

Hello and welcome to the first installment of the Community Coordinator's potpourri blog series for 2021! We decided to share some of our creative/writing goals or things we're challenging ourselves to do creatively this year, with all of you. Make sure to keep us accountable as the year goes on   | M A G E M A D I | Hey folks! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Madi, one of the Ravenclaw CC's now for about 2 and a half years 😱 who recently also added the Social Media Coordi


magemadi in Potpourri Series

january 2021 bulletin

y'all, let's speak plainly: the last year has been fucking hard, and we know that a lot of our members are really struggling in a lot of ways. we've heard from many members that the overall empathy and support this community gives to each other has been a bright spot for a lot of people in this very difficult time, which we're very happy to hear. thanks for being part of it; we appreciate all of you, and we'll continue to work to improve our community to make sure that that's reflected in everyo

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in bulletin

Some 2021 Resolutions

HAPPY 2021! 🎉 Usually, New Year's Resolutions are quite triggering for me because of the association with dieting and weight loss. But since March 2020 I've been in eating disorder recovery, and it's important that I don't focus on the dieting anymore. Christmas and New Year were still very difficult and triggered some panic attacks, but I was very determined to not focus 2021 around my usual fears. So, I decided to think of things that would really make me happy.    1. Finis


singmetothesun in 2021

i made cocktails for my characters because that's now a thing i do

so this can all be blamed totally on @Aphoride and @pirate grumpy cat because i was asked to pick a cocktail for just one of my characters and now here we are with six which is all purley self indulgent but has also kept me entertained all afternoon. for anyone who doesn't know, i work in a cocktail bar, i also write characters who all like to excessivley drink because art imitates life, so here i've written out what their cocktail of choice would be along with recipes incase anyone would actual

wicked witch of the north

wicked witch of the north in fucked it

earthquakes in croatia

i posted this on twitter already but i know some of you don't follow me there and my account is set to private so... two days ago, two earthquakes hit central croatia resulting in extensive damage in the towns of petrinja, sisak, glina and the villages around them. yesterday, an even bigger earthquake (6.3 magnitude) hit the same area. the entire city centre of petrinja is ruined with numerous collapsed buildings, it's the same in sisak and glina (in which 90% houses got destroyed), with h

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in chaos

i would leave me if i could by halsey

i would leave me if i could, by halsey poetry | 5 million stars ✨ tw: rape and sexual abuse, substance abuse, abusive relationships, miscarriage i feel like at this point everyone knows how much i love halsey and her music (and, well, if you didn't you know now). she's my favourite artist (right up there with solstafir) and her songs, her lyrics have always been really fucking relatable to me. so i had to mentally prepare myself to read her poetry collection because i had a feeling i

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in fuck yes

why we can't eradicate some infectious diseases

this is possibly boring to everyone but me, but a few people said that they were vaguely interested in this sort of post, so uhhh let's go for it? humans have successfully eradicated one infectious disease that infected humans: smallpox.1 we're also working toward eradication of several more (most notably polio). smallpox does continue to exist in labs (which is its own source of controversy), but the who is confident that it no longer exists in nature - basically, the only way future infec

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in medical terminology

the drunken shenanigans challenge: results

the drunken shenanigans challenge: results someone wanna tell me why i ran a challenge with the deadline smack in the middle of my first semester of law school? because i don't know what terrible judgment fuelled that either. (i mean, actually, i might've been drunk. it'd be fitting.) anyways, it took me entirely too long to get around to judging, but i'm finally here with the results! i had six wonderful entries to choose from, and i really had a rough time picking the top three. 


down-in-flames in challenge results

let's keep it casual by down-in-flames

let's keep it casual by @down-in-icy-blue-flames james/lily | adorbs fwb doing revenge and catching feels chatfic | 4919 words (complete) taylor is the queen of jily, but this has to be one of my faves. it's full of chemistry between james and lily who are really just friends-with-benefits, they promise, no one is catching a sirius case of The Feels while orchestrating an elaborate revenge plan after snape (aka sneep) steals a book from lily's room. and by elaborate, i mean truly elabo

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in we were keeping this casual but uh i caught the feels

Thank you, FFT!!!

My dearest FFT-ers, it's Christmas Eve, 2020 is finally reaching its end, and I know it's been a difficult year for many of us in many ways. I consider myself extremely lucky for not having impacted by the pandemic in any major way, but I've still been struggling a lot with the isolation and loneliness these past months. And this is why the friendliness and support of our community has been doubly precious for me this year! So all I want to say to all of you is a huge, heartfelt


Felpata_Lupin in Christmas wishes

rawwwrr fic recs

yes, i absolutely did have to start this rawwwrr fic rec aka hella fucking hot blog entry with a casey deidrick (alternatively, oliver wood because he just is) gif being generally hot as fuck this is just what it says in the title - hella fucking hot rec list featuring my favourite smutty fics clash by night by @BookDinosaur | a dark and angsty and messy and hot andromeda black/ted tonks fic set during the first wizarding war | 7 chapters, completed or self renewed by human

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in fuckk yeah

In the Spotlight | 22 December 2020

In the Spotlight | December 22nd, 2020 Welcome to our last In the Spotlight for 2020! We've got the usual roundup of interviews and community coordinator news for you, along with wishing everyone a happy holiday season and that the new year brings good things your way! December's Order of Merlin goes to one of our fearless admins, @ice fairy abhorsen.! | I N T E R V I E W | If there was only one forum that you could post in on FFT, which one would it be? i would


MalfoysSnowAngel in In the Spotlight

this podcast will kill you

this podcast will kill you epidemics and other creepy medical situations | hosted by erin welsh, phd and erin allmann updyke, phd both erins studied disease ecology in grad school - basically, how the environment can impact how infectious diseases spread and cause epidemics. if i get a phd after my mph, it's probably going to be in that. it's still a developing field, but basically, where it stands now is a heavy focus on zoonotic diseases - i.e., diseases in animals that can spill ove

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in recs

a valediction by rogueslytherin

a valediction by @RogueMidwinter regulus black/oc | angst and grief and a look at the betrayal of the younger black brother | story collection (complete) jacquelin's take on regulus black (one of my fav characters to read redemption stories about) is just :chefskiss: level of amazing! the story is told through 26 drabbles, each one shedding more light on the internal struggle that the younger black brother faced before he eventually turned his back on voldermort and the death eaters. e


marauderfrozenintime in :chefskiss:

physical fatality by grumpy cat

physical fatality by @pirate grumpy cat oliver wood/oc | hot and heavy, dark corners and open bars, bad decisions and great sex | novellette (wip) kris' physical fatality is sexy and dark and thoughtful and destructive and so fucking amazing! it has hot af oliver wood with a beard (sign me the fuck up), and her oc freya is part veela and (as such) also super hot. but one of the coolest parts of the fic for me is how kris approaches the physical attraction aspect of veelas, and it's sup


marauderfrozenintime in bring a bucket and a mop

ten thousand summer nights by belgian quaffle

ten thousand summer nights by @belgian frozen quaffle james potter/oc | fluffy swoony friends-to-lovers romance over the course of one (1) summer night | one-shot sarah gets right into the fluff in this story with james pretty much waxing poetic over his friend in such a wonderful way that it gives me shivers. sarah's oc victoriya (vic - from curious traveler) is smart and funny and just the right amount of flirty where you want james to JUST GO FOR IT DUDE and as the fic goes along th


marauderfrozenintime in my poor little romantical heart

notes from the ravenclaw bulletin board 1&2 by lostrobin

notes from the ravenclaw bulletin board and notes from the ravenclaw bulletin board 2: hbp edition by @Lost_Robin humour, ravenclaw culture, fluff, TOADOPOLIS, various cameos by professors | notes 1 is complete, notes 2 is wip i'm legit obsessed with these fics. they're hilarious and amazingly well written and there's fucking TOADOPOLIS in them and just ughhh i feel like everyone absolutely needs to read them, especially if you want to die laughing because you will. the stories a

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in fuckk yeah

ink stains on my sheets by shadowycorner

ink stains on my sheets by @shadowysnowyfairy hermione granger/ron weasley | angst-y romantic road trip escapism and coming home | one-shot eli's ink stains on my sheets is an angsty, beautiful, love story that really hits hard. hermione is struggling, as many are after the war and sets off on an adventure that ron can't quite understand. is he not enough for her? does she feel trapped? through the story, eli weaves in subtle moments that really show the extent of hermione's pain and g


marauderfrozenintime in definitely not crying in the club rn

let's keep it casual by down-in-flames

let's keep it casual by @down-in-icy-blue-flames james potter/lily evans | chatfic of absolute absurdity and perfection | one-shot as we know, taylor is the master of jily. taylor is also a master at chatfics. so a taylor jily chatfic is like the master of masters creating a master-piece (lol!). this story has all the assumed players - marauders, lily, and snivellus snape - that you would find in a marauders fic, but transported to the college au setting that i personally adore with al


marauderfrozenintime in taylor jilys

shenanigans by abhorsen./beeezie

shenanigans by @ice fairy abhorsen./beeezie victoire weasley/oc | group of highly intelligent and extremely dumb friends making poor decisions | novel (wip) branwen's shenanigans is one of the best ensemble fics i think i've ever read. with five characters, three of which are oc's, she manages to give each one completely separate personalities that somehow all mesh together in a way that is both realistic and absolutely hilarious! add in a sprinkle of possible love triangle, a magical


marauderfrozenintime in branwen's shenanigans

Book Rec Masterlist

Authors Alina Bronsky Brandon Sanderson Casey McQuiston Christiane F. David Benioff Fredrik Backman Joe Abercrombie Kristin Cashore Madeleine L'Engle Malin Persson Giolito Pierce Brown Robert Heinein Simone St. James Tamora Pierce Vikas Swarup Genre/Trope Adventure Fantasy Friendship Historical Fiction Horror Mystery Thriller

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen.

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