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If you are looking for staff members for an existing community, please post in this thread using the following form:


[b]Site Name: [/b]
[b]Site Type: [/b](e.g., writing archive, Marvel forum)
[b]Available Positions: [/b]
[b]Site description: [/b]
[b]Application closing date: [/b]


Please note that any site advertising for positions may not promote or glorify bigotry, self-injury, substance abuse, or non-consensual sexual content.

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Site Name: Gluttony

Site Type: (e.g., writing archive, Marvel forum) Story Archive and Forum

Available Positions: Admin

Site description: Gluttony has been around since 2008 and is owned/operated soley by myself. Things have slowed down recently as I cannot compete with bigger archives. I'm looking for people who are motivated and forward thinking to help take Gluttony into the next generation.

Application closing date: N/A

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Zinnia Grey
Posted (edited)
[b]Site Name: [/b] Burn the Ships 
[b]Site Type: [/b] Harry Potter 
[b]Available Positions: [/b] 
Founders: some creative people who will lend me a hand in building the site as well as come up with their own ideas and sub-plots. As the individuals who are helping me build my community, we work together as a team. We are the final word on what characters are accepted. 0/4

Site Mods: individuals that will assist the admin sort, read apps, and sort claims. they also may help with sub-plots, events, and activity checks. 0/4

Discord Mods: greet new members, answer questions, and plotting ideas. 0/4

Advertising Mods: this an important job that has several different parts to handle- advertising and clean out old ads. please work together and divide jobs equally. 0/4

Social Media Mods: maintain and update our social media accounts. 0/4

Coding Mods: if you are able to create codes for our community, we'd love to have you onboard. please send examples of your codes. 0/4

Graphic Mods: on every site we are going site graphics. 0/4
[b]Site description: [/b] Hello friends! I have a site that is a work in progress and I need some help me to build it as well as run it smoothly. If you are someone who enjoys the Potter community- specifically the Trio-Era- and would like to help me bring the concept to life please do not hesitate to apply. 
My concept for the site is a political intrigue and technological advancement where Voldemort does not exist and there are no Death Eaters around. I am looking for people who are willing to update JK Rowlings world and make it better. 

[b]Application closing date: [/b] N/A
Edited by gaia (beatrix)
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