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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

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Who wants to play review tag?  ;D


This is a super simple review generating 'game' in which every person who posts in this topic leaves a review for the person above them! But please read the rules first before jumping in, to avoid any confusion:



- Posts in this topic are not to be made until after you've left your review for the person above. That means no posts that say you're going to review the person above, in a claiming sort of way, because you should have already left a review for them.

- If you have a specific story you'd like the following person to review for you, you are more than welcome to point them in that direction. However, that does not make them obligated to leave a review for you on that story (or chapter) you've asked for. Please respect that not everyone will like enjoy reading the story you're hoping to have reviewed, and therefore need the option to choose an alternate of their own.

- When you post your story link(s), please make sure to mention which archive(s)/site(s) your stories are posted on and include a link to each for people who are only members on one or some of the sites around.

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*sneaks in* *tags Courtney back with moar reviews on NLYS* *runs away cackling madly*  

read and reviewed The First Kiss is Grand... by Felpata_Lupin 

Reviewed ch 2 of Not Quite a Honeymoon. 💖 


Read and reviewed Tanya's Feel Again! <3


My author page links are in my signature, by order of preference (AO3 preferred)

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Read and reviewed Mr. Ted's Picnic. I'm ImaRavenclaw on HPFF ;).

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