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Got a song stuck in your head? Share it here!


Right now I've got High Dive by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on repeat. Such a good song. <3

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Birdy - Wings

call me maybe by the iconic carly rae jepson

@something wicked because billie is *_* billie eilish - ocean eyes

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I can't get I Don't Know My Name by Grace Vander Waal from America's Got Talent out of my head. The little girl is so talented and her song reminds me of my teen years.

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Well, thanks to ppp!Kayla's Wolfstar playlist I now have Halsey's 'Young God' stuck in my mind. But I'm not complaining (yet!). : )

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Guest Tanda

Lurching Away from Shonan Beach (湘南が遠くなっていく)- Nanao Tabito


(I'm not sure if I translated the title right.)

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I have two songs extremely stuck in my head.


1. Monsters by Ruelle (weird because one of the lines is actually 'monsters stuck in your head' coincidence?


2. Radio-Friendly Pop Song by Matt Fishel (which I used to hate until about an hour ago when I was stuck in a car and created an entire lip-sync and dance routine in my head to it.)



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beyond the rain

Like A Star - Corrine Bailey Rae

(super mushy romantic song, i recommend for anyone who needs muse for a soppy love fic)

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