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Felpata_Lupin's reviews


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hiiiii. You said you like Marauders fic and I've just started posting my first one so I hope it's okay to slip in for a review here. 


Story and Author Name, including link: to all the lions i've loved before by melonknee
Warnings and Advisories: none
Genre: romance/humor
Length: 1687 words chapter 1
Ships: Lily Evans/Marlene Mckinnon





Lily Evans love letters are her most secret prized posessions. She writes love letters when she has a crush so intense there's nothing else she can do. The four letters in total are Frank Longbottom the headboy from her first year, Remus Lupin her third year study buddy, Marlene McKinnon long time best friend, and the newest one. James Potter. When her letters somehow get out, after James has settled on a new girlfriend, the only person she can turn to for help is Marlene and her own letter. 



Areas of Concern: Just an overview of your opinion on character & readability 
Current Review Request Count: 1/5


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@BookDinosaur  I've left two more reviews, and I'm loving the story more and more (I might be falling in love with Ted Tonks just a tiny bit... ) Hopefully I'll manage to come back for more soon!!!

@RonsGirlFriday  your reviews are done! A joy as always! @BookDinosaur and @juls I'll have yours asap!

@beyond the rain @starbuck @Sleepingbagonthesofa Hey, there, my loves!   Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten you... I really wanted to complete all these requests this weeken

pirate grumpy cat

story and author name, including link: you're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece by grumpy cat
warnings and advisories: substance abuse, domestic abuse, suicide, sexual content
genre: angst, drama, romance, hurt/comfort, dark
length: 3660 words
ships: lily evans/sirius black


i don't need your love,
i just want a taste.

areas of concern: your thoughts. i once again wrote this quickly and that bothers me a lot and i feel like it's shit  :kris:
current review request count: 2/5 

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page thirteen.
On 7/16/2016 at 8:14 AM, Felpata_Lupin said:

Story and Author Name, including link: high stakes by me/page thirteen
Warnings and Advisories: N/A
Genre: crime/mystery, action/adventure
Length: chapter 4 is 6345 words (sorry!!)
Ships: none

A prestigious painting has gone missing from a London gallery.
Authorities suspect it's an inside job. They're not wrong.


Retired thief Cas King is back for one reason only- revenge. But between a missing thief syndicate, rusty skills, a shifty buyer,  and the new threat of someone replacing him in the criminal underworld, he needs to do a lot more than that to prove his worth.

Areas of Concern: no concerns in as much as thoughts - i love your reviews and you're always v thorough and pick up the questions i need to answer hahaha
Current Review Request Count: 1/5

thank you ❤️ no rush on this as it's nano month! 

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