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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

FFT Discord!


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We've launched the FFT discord! If you like discord, feel free to check out the general group chat, your house group chat, and enjoy the bots! Click here+ (M) to join the fun! 

This server is considered social media under the FFT TOS, and as such is not governed by site rules, except in extreme cases such as targeted harassment and House Cup cheating. Staff cannot see into other houses' chats so if you need staff assistance please contact us on the forums! In order to be assigned a member group and house, please post that you have joined the server right here in this thread! Have fun! :)


We've had a few requests for general discord information so we've compiled a FAQ. 


What is a discord?

Discord is a social app that allows users to create servers and channels to create a community. It's commonly used for gaming, writing, roleplaying, and much more! You can join multiple servers! 

Can I adjust my privacy settings on discord if I don't want to interact with someone? 

Yes! Click on user settings (just your profile picture on mobile) and select Privacy & Safety. Discord allows users to block direct messages from other users that are not on their friends list (no randos) or you can block individuals by pulling up their profile, clicking the three dots next to their username and choosing the block option. The block option stops users from seeing the posts or dms or the person who has been blocked. You won't be able to see what the person you've blocked is posting. It's similar to the format of our own blocking system on FFT. 

How can I change my name on discord?

You can change your name on discord by editing your nickname. Click the three dots in the the upper left corner next to the server nickname (FFT Discord for ours) and select change nickname. 

I have suggestions for things like bots, channels, roles, or emojis.

Awesome! We're all ears! Send them to us either in this thread, by contacting a staff member, or by using the anon feedback system. We may not see suggestions on social media even if you tag us. 

what are safe spaces on discord?

these channels exist to provide safe spaces for members who share a particular identity (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, etc) to discuss it.

participation in channels is opt-in. we will have a list of existing channels so people who self-identify (or are questioning whether they identify) as belonging to that identity can request to be added to the channel, but only people who belong to the channel will know who is in it. for more detail see +here.

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I'm on a ridiculous number of Discord servers (if I see an invite, I click it), including for sites I barely use, so I'll definitely dive straight in.

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