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Cabin Fever


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I love Cabin Fever, particularly the original film. Is anyone else a fan?

It's not a particularly well-known franchise and a lot of people who do know it really hate it.☹️ So it's rare to cross paths with another fan who wants to talk about it.

It is a horror franchise and it does have some iconic gruesome death scenes; but honestly what interests me more is the characters, the relationships, the story and the cinematic 'quirks'. (There's a veritable treasure trove of fantheory fodder in all the ambiguous & surreal elements in the film.)

My absolute favorite element is the relationship between Marcy and Paul, and I ship them like crazy! They get a lot of hate from the community for getting together at the end, but honestly I think they were meant to be a couple.

Would love to discuss if anyone's interested.🙂

...or anything Cabin Fever, for that matter.

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