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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!

Story Dice Challenge - March 30th


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I'd like you to write a story that uses a roll from these story dice. So, here's the deal: 

1. You post here and I'll take a picture of your roll. You can do one re-roll if you don't have inspo from the dice. 

2. Post your story on FFT by March 30th. 

3. Please don't make it more than 20k words 👀 you know who you are that need this rule

4. I'll review all entries


Winners - 

I'll base winning on who best tells a story that uses the dice they are given in a story that moves me in some way. You can make me think, laugh, swoon, or cry. I'd love it if you try to write something you've never tried before. 

First place: 4 reviews + podfic of your story

Second place: 2 reviews + podfic of your story

Third place: 1 review + podfic of your story

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Jo Raskoph

Roll for me too please. I have no idea if I'll ever finish anything ever again, but … I can't give up hope.

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do we have to include all the dice or just a majority of them?

I have an idea of what I would like to do but I'm not sure I can incorporate all the dice into it. 


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