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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

feedback on joining multiple houses

abhorsen plague doctor.

multiple houses  

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abhorsen plague doctor.

hey, y'all! we'd like your feedback about a possible change to who can join clubs.

we're looking at opening up clubs for other fandoms as well in the future, which people would of course be able to join without leaving their hogwarts houses. those clubs would not necessarily function in the same way that the hogwarts houses do (e.g., newsletters, awards, etc), though they might. we don't want a bunch of unused clubs sitting around, so this isn't a step we'll take unless we're confident that there will be a use for them, but we'd love your feedback on what you'd like to see (if anything).

along similar lines, we know that a lot of our members identify with multiple hogwarts houses, and some have expressed an interest in joining those houses that they identify with rather than having to choose just one now that our events aren't being run strictly across house lines.

we're raising this question to the community because we can see a lot of positives that could accompany this. it would allow for greater self-expression and make it easier for people to find atmospheres they feel most at home in without feeling like they're taking a big gamble or abandoning their friends by Switching Houses. it would also decrease the likelihood that a house will end up with just one or two staff members running it, which has sometimes been the case with our current set up and has left some staffers feeling overworked where others had the free time to pitch in if they'd been able to (though please note that staffers will not be expected to take on the duties of running the house of every house they choose to join - how involved they are would be their call). it would also give us more room to explore more aspects of a fandom without having to decide whether they count as overlap. (e.g., a beauxbatons or a durmstrang along with hogwarts houses.)

that said, we know that people may have concerns. in particular, we've had one or two anon feedbacks in the past raise concerns about people switching houses to increase their chances of winning more awards. that kind of gamesmanship is not something we've ever seen happen in practice, and while it's certainly possible we'll see it when allowing people to join houses without leaving their current one (and is something we'll absolutely keep an eye on), it's also something we'd rather deal with if it does happen than restrict everyone on the basis of what a few bad actors might do. that said, if we move ahead with this, it's likely that people will occasionally win of-the-months or annual awards from multiple houses, particularly if they're fairly active in them, and that's not something that we're going to put limits on for both philosophical and logistical reasons unless we see someone or a group of someones acting in bad faith.

we'd appreciate your votes in the poll and/or if you could comment below with further thoughts if you have them! 💖 you're also welcome to use our anonymous feedback form if you have thoughts that you're not comfortable posting publicly (though be aware that a staff member will likely quote-post them in here so others can discuss them as well).

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So I've been trying to think of a way to say/ask this without sounding totally negative, but I'm not sure I can so I'm just going to try. And I really don't mean this negatively, so apologise if it comes off that way.

I'm just curious, if people can join some/all of the houses, what is going to be function of them? Is there then going to be overlap between site-wide events and then house events. For example, awards. We have the site wide inkys and then I think all houses have their own house awards, but if people are joining multiple or all houses, will the house awards become redundant because they'll just be similar in terms of who you want to nominate? I have no issue with people winning multiple awards, but if the houses are hosting them at the same time is it going to be a copy paste kind of thing? 

Or like I know we used to and some house still do have inter house review events, and I would love to see ours come back if we had more people in hufflepuff, but then are people going to want to take part in 2,3 or even 4 review events a month? Or will it be too much, especially if there's also a site wide review event on? (Houses might stop their own events for this, I don't know how other houses work it, but just an example).

I guess I'm just wondering weather things will become too similar if you've got the same people in multiple houses and weather it will just get repetitive? 

I do like the idea of clubs for different fandoms, and I've loved the use of them for the fairyland event and Camp Nano, but I'm not sure what they could be used for/how they could function? 

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I've been thinking about this, and Shaza has stated clearly the kinds of questions I have been having also.  So I won't repeat those very excellent points.

There are situations/events where three or four possible groups are offered, and the participant chooses one group to join, in the sense of a team to be on (such as the Ice Otters, The Frost Kittens, and the Snow Foxes for the review drive) and the members of that group bond with one another in a spirit of competition.  This would be for a time-limited commitment.

In the past, in the three sites where I have been a member, the four Hogwarts Houses competed for the House Cup every year, so no one was in more than one House, although the site might also have clubs and subsets formed for various purposes, drawing members from all four Houses (MNFF was like that; we had a story-discussion club, a club devoted to promoting excellence in review-writing, a forum for education & development in poetry-writing, annual classes in How-To-Write-Various-Genres, etc).

I've always been a Slytherin, so I have no first-hand knowledge about the personalities/atmospheres of other Houses, but I have always felt that we Slytherins had a distinct personality which shows up in our award categories and general dungeon chat as we curl up in our little baskets, and it always felt special to me.  I could see visiting my friends the Lions without actually wanting to be a Lion.  Interhouse  connections are highly desirable, but at the end of the day I go home to the dungeon with my fellow Snakes.

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thanks for raising these concerns - i’ll do my best to address them.

to some extent, there may be some more overlap in awards, which is a consideration worth taking into mind when voting one way or another on this matter. right now, though, awards already overlap quite a bit - there's a story of the month and annual awards for each house as well as for the site overall, and the same stories often win both sitewide and house awards. from the responses on this poll so far and just general indicated interest, though, it seems like most members would only join one other house than their current one if given the option, so the awards likely won't merge into the same thing. if a house was concerned about that, however, their staff team could also certainly put more restrictions in place for how often someone could be nominated for something (e.g., somebody can't win sotm two months in a row).

we leave it to a house's staff team to decide how to balance house awards/events with sitewide activities, and when there's a big sitewide activity, teams will often either put a house activity on pause or change the rules to make it easier to participate. in general, though, we see this as giving members more flexibility to choose what they do or don’t want to participate in - each house runs events a little differently, so people may find that they enjoy participating in one house’s events when they would have skipped the event in another.

clubs for different fandoms is just a preliminary idea as we branch out into a more multifandom site - we don’t have them yet for precisely the reason you’ve identified: we’re not sure what we’d use them for yet! this is more just a general suggestion that staff has been considering and may potentially look into if and when we come up with a potential purpose for other fandom clubs.

in the past, we also had a house cup format, and this wouldn't have been feasible under that system for exactly the reasons pointed out. 🙂 however, now that we’ve moved away from a house cup style structure where houses are competing against each other to self-selected, time-limited teams becoming the primary vehicle for events, there’s no longer quite a need for the exclusivity of houses. we do want to emphasize that house activities will still be restricted to people in that house - the only difference would be that people wouldn't have to choose if they identified with more than one house.

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