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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

[June] Story of the Month Nominations

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  June Story of the Month Nominations

How it works: 

This thread is for you to nominate your favorite stories to be recognized as the FFT Story of the Month. Seconding isn't necessary, as all stories will move on to the voting round. 

Mid-month [approximately 10 days after the nominations thread is posted], a Community Coordinator will post a voting poll for all of the stories that have been nominated. Don't worry about having to rush - you will have about 10 days to read the stories and vote for your favorite!

Winners will be announced in the News Bulletin on the first of each month. 

Please post your nominations in this thread using the following format: 


Link to Story:
Warnings [if applicable]:
Reason for Nomination:

Rules for Nomination: 

1. To be eligible for nomination, a story must have been updated sometime within the past 12 months. 

2. Stories can be any genre, character type, fandom, or length.

3. Any story nominated must follow site guidelines.

4. All nominated stories must be posted on the FFT Archives.

5. You may only nominate ONE story.

6. Stories do not have to be complete to be nominated. WIP's are acceptable.

Nominations will close on May 14th at 11:59pm GMT!


Previous Months' Winners:

+Click for Complete Masterlist

May '21 - for gold by blackballet

April '21 - you are a minute of quiet (in a loud, loud world) by shadowycorner

March '21 - deferred; Golden Ink Awards

February '21 - The Color of Violets by kuusi palaa

January '21 - Hardened Hearts (Say Unimaginable Things) by prideofprewett

December '20 - The One with Technical Difficulties by aurevoir

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Title: An Evening at Number Four, Privet Drive
Author: @la_topolina
Link to Story: +here
Warnings [if applicable]: domestic abuse, slurs, violence, misogyny
Reason for Nomination: This is a heartbreaking little slice of life in an AU where Dudley is born with magic. 6-year-old Dudley is precious and innocent, his magic emerging in fanciful and adorable ways like making his drawings come to life, and he really doesn't have a clue that anything is wrong with him; but at such a young age he's already coping with anxiety caused by the horrible, dysfunctional family environment of Vernon blaming Petunia for Dudley being a "freak." It's amazing and sad, and also I'm just in awe of how well Noelle gets into the characterization of a young child and weaves his perceptions and thoughts into the narrative -- it's a great skill and it feels SO real.

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Title: Sparks
Author: @TreacleTart
Link to Story: here+
Warnings [if applicable]: N/A
Reason for Nomination: I had forgotten how much I loved this collection until I reread it in preparation for the 2021 GCs. Kaitlin has written such beautiful looks into a traveler's mind and the brief but meaningful connections we make with strangers along our journeys. These one-shots are so vivid and stunning. I definitely recommend them.

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Title: and all the pieces fall
Author: @down-in-flames
Link to Story: clicky+
Warnings [if applicable]: Mature Audiences (Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence); CW: Breakups, Dying/Grieving, Misogyny, Panic Attacks
Reason for Nomination: quidditch 👏 fic 👏 i just really love this fic, its amazing, a little bit too slow burn but w/e and i will cry apparently so thanks a lot taylor (i say that like its a bad thing but this story is amazing and if you havent started it, start it now, and if you havent finished writing it, maybe do that ;) )

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grumpy cat

title: up in flames
author: @something wicked
link to story: +boom
warnings: m / self-harm, sexual content, slurs, substance abuse, suicide, violence
reason for nomination: i mean. deni is just amazing at writing wickedly hot death eaters, is that not enough? the story is so deliciously dark and deni does such an amazing job at writing the whole we're-in-the-middle-of-a-fucking-war atmosphere and she does it fucking perfectly. that is all

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Title: I Wish I Was Brave

Author: @CambAngst

Link: here~

Warnings: All audiences / NA

Reason for Nomination: Because it's such a darn tootin cute story! And how hard is it to a) write children; b) write children well and not over do it or under do it; c) write children well while keeping in line with canon characterizations? The author embellishes core features of Ron's personal character development and arch from the books and fills in details that we never got in the books. This story features Ron's insecurities towards his older brothers and how he fits in. I suppose in the books, by the end, Ron more or less overcomes his insecurities, but we never really had a defining moment of it happening and we as the reader never get to see it. Until now. The one-shot feels like it completes the circle from what JKR started in Ron.

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