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hopelesslyaddicted's reviews


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Hello hello! :waving:

In my attempts to return, I'm opening up a review thread! I can be cheerful when it comes to my reviews and almost always find something good. I can be constructive if you like, but I'd prefer not to be. However, if you'd like me to be in a particular section of a story, I can try.



  • ¬†FFT forums at this time. I'm not on any other fan site nor do I intend to sign up just for a review.
  • At the current time, there will only be ONE spot open.
    • That said, my time frame will be about A WEEK. I work full time noc shift, so my sleep schedule is all wonky when I'm on the clock. I have my laptop at work and hardly do anything until about 5 AM central time, but I rarely do anything on it except shift notes. If it takes longer than that and I remember to check the forums, I'll PM you and let you know or if I just plain forget, please send me a gentle reminder.
  • One chapter/one-shot per request.
    • Feel free to submit another chapter or one-shot after I'm done. However, if the story is super long and I'm really into it, I'll continue reading on my own time so we can save the space for other requestors!
    • If you post with more than one chapter/one-shot or post while someone else was ahead of you, I will skip.


  • I'm pretty open minded, but there are a few exceptions.
    • HP or OF. I'm definitely game to Fantastic Beasts as well. If it's other fandom that I'm into: Flash, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Legacies, send me a message and I might look at it another time. However, for the purpose of this thread, I will only stick to HP verse or OF.
  • I'm big on sticking to canon, but I understand this is in fact, fan fiction and our imaginations go wild.
  • Genres:
    • Fluff, humor, romance, action adventure, AU (so long as it doesn't take away from the actual story), general, crime/mystery, some good angst, drama is okay, who doesn't love a good fairy-tale?
  • I love minor characters, the like. They never seem to get their story told and are left in the dust.¬†
  • Marauder/Founders Era
  • I have a love/hate with Next Generation. Although my current one-shot (maybe short story) is based around that. :ninjavanish:


  • I tend not to go for Dramonie/Harry&Hermione, etc.
  • Please no songfics/poetry. I never really understood those.
  • I don't necessarily hate crossovers because some of my favorite fandoms have done it, but if it goes with the story line and doesn't get too crazy where I can't understand what's going on, then by all means request away!
  • Horror/excessive torture, gore, violence/physical abuse whether towards adults or children, incest, smut, crossovers, student/teacher (things of that nature)


I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now. If it comes up in a review, I'll be sure to mention it and comment so the next person can see and/or edit it into this post. Also, please keep an eye out as things may change without notice!!

That said, please use the form below and I look forward to reading all your stories! :wub:

Is that all too much? I hope not. :ninjavanish:


[b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] 
[b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] 
[b]Areas of Concern:[/b] 
[b]Current Review Request Count: __/1[/b] 
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  • hopelesslyaddicted changed the title to hopelesslyaddicted's reviews

Hi, Alicia! :waving:

Always lovely to see people coming back! And to see a shiny new review thread, too! :P Hope you don't mind getting you started... :rose:

[b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart by Felpata_Lupin

[b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] Self-Harm, Violence (nothing too bad, just a quick mention of a house-elf punishing himself)

[b]Genre:[/b] Childrens' Stories, Fluff

[b]Length:[/b] one-shot, 1967 words

[b]Ships:[/b] none



You've probably heard or read somewhere that no one knows what a Boggart looks like. Well, that's not entirely true.

[b]Areas of Concern:[/b] I'd just like to hear your thoughts. This is quite an old story of mine, I picked it because I thought it's one you might enjoy (I just read your Niffler one and this one kind of has similar vibes? Maybe? Well, anyway, I hope you might enjoy it! :P)

[b]Current Review Request Count:[/b] 3/3

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