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Forum Challenge - September

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The prize: 

One of your fics (your choice) to be featured on the archives front page next month!

The challenge: 

  • Nominate a member for October Member of the Month
  • Nominate a fic for October Story of the Month
  • Make nominations in at least 3 Sparkling Star Awards categories (info & rules will be posted this week and nomination threads will be open September 17 through the end of the month)
  • Leave a review on the next chapter of a multi-chapter fic you've already begun reviewing previously (if you've not begun any at all that you still have chapters to catch up on, then simply leave a review on any multi-chapter fic of your choosing)

The rules:

  • Components of the challenge will typically consist of a certain # of reviews and review responses, and some kind of forum activity that will change each month.
  • Each of these tasks must be completed during this month - starting September 1 and ending September 31 in your time zone. (Tasks already completed between September 1 and September 11 when this challenge was posted DO count!)
  • Reviews can be from anything (review swaps, review thread, review tag, review event, literally any reviews you leave)
  • Staff are also welcome and encouraged to participate!

Please post your completed challenge activity below using this format:


MOTM - link to nomination

SOTM - link to nomination

Review - link to review

Sparkling Stars

  1. nomination 1
  2. nomination 2
  3. nomination 3

Which of your fics would you like to appear on the archives 'featured fics' list next month?

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MOTM - boop+

SOTM - boop+

Review - boop+

Sparkling Stars

  1. boop+
  2. boop+
  3. boop+

Which of your fics would you like to appear on the archives 'featured fics' list next month?
More than Words+

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