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[July] Member of the Month Nominations


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July Member of the Month Nominations

How it works: 

This thread is for you to nominate fellow FFT'ers to be recognized as Member of the Month for their participation or contributions around the site. Seconding isn't necessary, as all nominees will move on to the voting round. 

Approximately two weeks after the nominations thread is posted, a staff member will post a voting poll for all of the nominees.

Winners will be featured in a banner at the top of the forums throughout the month for which they are voted MOTM. 

Please post your nominations in this thread using the following format:


Reason for Nomination:

Rules for Nomination: 

1. To be eligible for nomination, a member must have been active on the site at least once in the past 30 days. (So either their archives AP reflects that they've updated or reviewed, or their forums profile reflects that they've done something on the forums, e.g. posting, reacting, etc.) 

2. A member may not be nominated if they have won Member of the Month any time in the past six months (see below for a list of previous winners).

3. Staff members are eligible to submit nominations and to be nominated for MOTM. (There will be no separate 'Staff of the Month.')

4. You may only nominate ONE member.

5. Unlike with Story of the Month, we do ask that you give some reason for your nomination. It can be as brief and simple as, "Chiara has been such a ray of sunshine" or "Taylor added some awesome new graphics to her gallery." We just want nominations to be a thoughtful gesture. ^_^ 

Nominations will close on July 20th at 11:59pm GMT!


Masterlist of Previous Winners

Previous Months' Winners:

March-June - foregone

February '24 - Owlpost68

January '24 - WriteYourHeartOut

December '23 - RonsGirlFriday

November '23 - blackballet

October '23 - Pixileanin

September '23 - Oregonian

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member: @GotNoJamsss

reason: it's been really cool to see jac making a lot of progress of her writing recently and along with that offering review swaps and moving along the progress of welcoming ao3 into our community more. i've really appreciate seeing that on the forums ❤️

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member: @Predictable Chaos

reason for nom: Barbara has been selflessly transferring reviews of stories from FFT Archives to Ao3 outside of the review transfer threads and has even kicked off another challenge for folks to participate in!  

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