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    • Oregonian


      I neglected my weeds today and hammered down on my writing.  Finally finished Chapter 21 of Crofter/Snake, and now I have to type it up into a document, send it to my son and daughter, and post it.  It came in at 4866 words, not so lengthy as I had feared  Will probably finish the typing over the weekend because the next few days are very busy for me. @Pixileanin, I am not the #1 Expert Procrastinator anymore (hehe).
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    • RogueSlytherin


      Finally finished the updates for Chapters 07 - 10 of Everything Might Have Been and even working well into Chapter 11!¬†ūüôĆ
      · 0 replies
    • Ineke


      for those whove got something in the queue - i wont be getting to it till friday bc im on holiday, so unless someone else gets to it first - sorry for the wait!
      · 0 replies
    • Owlpost68


      anyone for a review swap? I will read romance, mystery, adventure and fluff, yes, I'm boring like that lol not too much drama.
      · 12 replies
    • Owlpost68

      Owlpost68  »  quill2parchment

      I am now addicted to In Light of You ‚̧ԳŹ¬†I may have read a 1/3 of it already... lol
      · 2 replies
    • Pixileanin


      What is this?
      Chapter 12 of How To Retire is posted.
      · 1 reply
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    • Felpata_Lupin
      Vicki! George! Thank you so much for stopping by and for all the encouragement and compliments! ¬† I haven't really done much writing recently... it has been an incredibly busy month, but there is a good news, I'm changing job soon! And it's very exciting!¬† I actually finished a draft of chapter 26 like 3 weeks ago, but I think I'm just going to trash it and start over, because I don't like the direction it took at all, especially concerning James' arc and his and Sirius' investigations. I still have a picture of what I want it to be like, mostly, so it's just a matter of finding the time to sit down and give it a go... hopefully this weekend?¬† As for Honeymoon... one day I'll get back to it and finish that story as well... ūüėÖ¬†But I need to focus on my baby Jimmy first... I can't help it... Thank you again for stopping by, you both! I loved reading all the comments you left around people's WJs, Vicki, it's so sweet of you (and really helped reviving the forums a little )!
    • Goatspeed
      I love the way you've developed the story and can't wait for more!  And the other stuff Vicki said, too. George
    • Oregonian
      'Til the Afterglow, Chapter 3  
    • Oregonian
      Hi, Chiara!  well. it's springtime now, and we all must be very busy with springtime's stuff (I know I am).  Looking forward to your half-idea for Chapter 26, perhaps now a three-quarters idea?  Also looking forward to the next chapter of Not Quite A Honeymoon because it's so fun and also a mental challenge to keep all the characters straight.  Plus I love the Italian setting.  Here's hoping you are having a lovely time with the flowers and the balmy weather.
    • Oregonian
      Hi, Pix.  Glad to see that your post is constructed now.  Impressive how you have all your scenes and chapters so organized into lists and documents (most of mine are listed only in my head, so I don't know how many chapters my WIP will turn out to be).   Loved it when you said, "I wrote words, today. Actual narrative words. None of them belong to Chapters 11-13."  Sometimes that's just what you gotta do.  I notice that you say that your woking doc for Chapter 11-13 already contains 19807 words, with some "cool things" yet to be inserted.  I hope that this section of narrative will divide itself naturally into 3 parts.  I had a "cute note to self" in Chapter 2 of Crofter/Snake that said "Insert kick-ass Sorting Song here."  Luckily no Sorting Song is ever overly long. I could see "How To Retire" as having the possibility to go on for many more chapters, and yet you have given yourself the task of limiting the narrative to only ten chapters more.  Not "War and Peace."  Is it hard to keep yourself within this self-imposed limit?  I gave up trying to set a limit for Crofter/Snake -- it will end when it ends, and we'll see what the final product looks like.    
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