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I got a tattoo!



Following up on this post+ I made three years ago (I know, forever ago), I finally got my tattoo! 

I've wanted to get this design for three years as a reward for getting through addiction rehab back in 2020. The original plan was to get it done around my birthday that year (May) but because of lockdown in the UK and covid measures, there was no chance I was getting it done then. Why didn't I get it done sooner? Simple answer is I just scared myself off it. I still wanted to get it done but I was overthinking it and panicking over not knowing how it worked, and then other life events getting in the way.

So, why now?

It happened by accident and was an impulsive move - which has happened before, like when I decided to skydive and jump out of a plane in 2016 out of nowhere which I will never be doing ever again... XD But I have actually been wanting this tattoo for three years so I think you can let me off! I was actually at my dentist for a checkup and there was a tattoo studio was across the road with a big sign in the window with an email address. So after my appointment, I took the plunge and emailed the tattoo shop, showing them the design I wanted, what size I wanted and where I wanted it (my right forearm), and they replied very fast and we got an appointment booked for the following week! I was very excited as it was actually going to happen! 

The appointment itself (last Saturday) was great, my tattoo artist was lovely and patient with me - I wasn't actually too anxious, it was all the first-time nerves and wanting it all be perfect more than agonising over the possible pain or anything going wrong. And it wasn't even that painful, the only bit that made me wince was the raccoon's tail as the tattoo artist was spending a lot of time going at it! I was very relaxed and couldn't stop smiling as I kept peeking at the progress and it just felt more and more real. 

I can't stop looking at it now it's done! I think because I've waited so long to do this, and the fact it has such a deep meaning to me with addiction and eating disorder recovery and the two animals represent two queer characters in a French show I love (SKAM France) and this show was what led me to getting help and getting me admitted to rehab.

Happy 3 Years in recovery to me! 

                                BEFORE                                                                             AFTER
993809123_stencilcloseup.thumb.JPG.6e4326c5c94a7b9a19440ff10bcd6c63.JPG  958719344_finishedlookclose-up.thumb.JPG.edd030d42c5c1bba4cb79be7f64fb468.JPG



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