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Mouse, by WriteYourHeartOut



Welcome to our second blog post highlighting the winners of this year’s Golden Ink Awards! 🏆

Today, we’re highlighting the winner of Best One-Shot, where narrow minds and spiteful words don’t stop our protagonist!


by @WriteYourHeartOut

2024 Inkys Winner: Best One-Shot


Here’s what one nominator said about Mouse during this year’s (anonymous) Inky’s noms:

this is a very charming little piece with themes of bravery and prejudice told through susan bones' eyes. susan's narration is brilliantly played and achieves a lot of characterisation/world building within this quite short piece.“


Mouse by WriteYourHeartOut follows Hufflepuff Susan Bones as she navigates the challenges of Professor Odment's class on Protecting Magical Creatures. From the beginning, Tanya draws us into Susan's world, where her determination and courage shine brightly despite the doubts and preconceptions of her peers.

What truly sets this story apart is its rich characterization and the beautiful simplicity of its message – kindness wins out. Through Susan's interactions with her classmates, particularly arrogant Klyde Stately, we see the power of empathy. Susan's unwavering belief in herself, coupled with her willingness to extend a helping hand even to those who doubt her, embodies the very essence of Hufflepuff house values: loyalty, fairness, and kindness.

But it's not just Susan's character that shines in this tale; Tanya brings a universe to life with vivid detail and authenticity. From Professor Odment's thorough characterization to magical creatures like Bruce, you’ll truly feel immersed in the world with Susan.

Susan is forced to work with someone who belittles her and the group she identifies with. Sticking to her values is no easy feat in the face of such ignorance, but she manages it with grace and patience. As Susan faces the ultimate test of teamwork (working with that notoriously bad project partner), we're reminded that true bravery doesn't always come from wielding a sword or casting a powerful spell. Sometimes, it's found in the quiet moments of compassion and understanding, in reaching out a hand to someone in need, even when they least expect it.

Do yourself a favor and read this one-shot today. You’ll leave with an uplifted spirit and a determination to do what others think you can’t. 🐭


Links to WriteYourHeartOut's Author Pages:




Write-up and picspam by blackballet 💜




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Archer Rose


this was one of my faves from the past year 🩷

@blackballet love the picspam! perfect!

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Oh this is so nice, thank you so much for the beautiful post, I'm so moved! ❤️

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