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More Than Words, by inmyownlittlecorner



We’re back again with another Golden Ink Award winners Blog post! This time we’re celebrating this year’s Favorite Lead Pairing featuring a grump & sunshine pairing in this Harry Potter Muggle AU! 🏆

Ted Tonks/Severus Snape 

in More than Words

by @inmyownlittlecorner

2024 Golden Inky Winner for Favorite Lead Pairing



Here’s what someone within our community had to say when nominating More Than Words“I'm super into a positive 'opposites attract,' story and also, I feel like Ted is exactly what Sev needs. And I definitely appreciate the bi rep in this one.”

More Than Words is a collection of drabbles woven together to tell an exceptionally heartfelt story about love in unexpected places and finding the person who just gets you and accepts you entirely. While it is part of Noelle’s Breathing Underwater universe (link to that story here+), this one can totally be read as a standalone. 

Severus Snape is a Chicago cop who doesn’t believe he is deserving of good things or love. Ted Tonks is a sunshine-y nurse (aptly nicknamed Nurse Care Bear) who is capable of uncovering the good in even the most cynical people. 

This slow burn romance unfolds over the course of thirty chapters and features many relationship highs and lows. Noelle also does not shy away from difficult topics. From childhood trauma to bi-erasure, she confronts these issues head-on and finds avenues for the characters to heal and grow so that they can find joy; a feat that is not easy to accomplish through drabbles. Which is perhaps what makes this collection feel so profound and what enables the reader to appreciate the soft, sweet moments.     

In addition to Sev and Ted, Noelle also creates a whole cast of characters in this Muggle AU who have their own distinct personalities and seamlessly fit into the narrative. Lily Evans plays a pivotal part in this series as Severus’ cop partner and someone he previously pined for pre-Ted. Sirius Black is a rival of Sev’s, who you cannot help but simultaneously hate to love and love to hate. And then of course, Sev’s Ma, Eileen Prince is another prominent figure, who offers Sev much needed maternal support throughout.

Then there is the setting. Even if you have never been to Chicago before (I certainly haven’t), Noelle depicts the city in a way that the reader can easily see themselves there and make a meaningful connection to the place.  

Writing wise, Noelle is a master of dark, sarcastic humor that has you both laughing and audibly awwing. She also crafts superbly tender moments between these characters that make your heart soar.

So if you’re looking for a heartwarming romance that unfolds through shorter scenes, this is one you will want to add to your reading list! 

More Than Words is fully uploaded to AO3 for your reading pleasure!

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AHHHHH Thank you for this gorgeous picspam and amazing write up! I'm overwhelmed ❤️


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