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Paper Rings, by Ronsgirlfriday

Archer Rose



I’m excited to highlight another winner from our golden ink's 2024 awards.

The very deserving story to cover this month is Paper Rings which was the winner of best short story. ❤️

What people are saying about ‘Paper Rings’ - A funny, charming, and original story that follows Ron and Hermione into the "future". The epilogue brings you back through the story through a new lens, and I just love how complete it makes this novelette feel in the end



picspam compiled by @blackballet


Mel has structured a wonderful story and perfectly paced this hilarious but emotional journey for the reader into our brilliant short-story winner. The story begins with unexpected narration in the first chapter which leads to an exceptional use of the ‘prophecy/fate’ trope. This is a delightful story which brings together both teenage and adult themes of love. It is obvious that Mel is channeling her love and knowledge of the pairing in this piece. It’s clear that it’s written with such an understanding of the beauty in their personalities clashing but knowing how well they mesh too. 

Mel creates a fantastic dynamic between the leading pairing, Ron and Hermione. These characters are developed so realistically and build upon their relationship within canon with an original twist. Hermione and Ron are thrown into a potential version of the future which shows them what they truly want. 

Hermione and Ron navigate the challenges of being in an adult body but also being married to each other while suddenly raising kids they don’t remember having. It provides plenty of hilarious and heartwarming moments and the dialogue is absolutely laugh out loud quality. Personally I read this in one setting and I was so excited to click ‘next chapter’ every single time which is especially impressive as someone who doesn’t consider themselves a romione shipper! A must read!







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This is such a sweet feel-good story, I just loved it. 🥰 

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Thank you so much Abbi, and everyone who voted for this little fic! and @blackballet that picspam is beautiful. :loveshower:

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